Brand Guidelines

We want to make it easy for you to have the correct version of our logo, colors, and images for your needs.


Our logo is often the first and most memorable interaction someone will have with our brand. It has been precisely drawn for optimum visual balance. It is critical that the correct logo file be used to our specifications described below.

If your audience isn't familiar with MembersPRO, we recommend using our full logo.

If your audience is familiar with MembersPRO, you may want to use the icon on its own.

Download all logos

Red logo
Charcoal logo
White logo
Red icon
Charcoal icon
White icon

Brand colors

Color is a strong brand identifier. It provides contrast and helps define hierarchy. We believe that color should be used boldly, but not wantonly. If a message or layout is clearer without color, perhaps it is unnecessary. Always use the exact color value as listed below.


(Primary) use for call to actions
RGB        rgb(237, 102, 84)

HEX        #ED6654

CMYK     2 75 68 0


Use for text and illustrations
RGB        rgb(56, 56, 56)

HEX        #383838

CMYK     69 62 61 54


Use boldly
RGB        rgb(255, 255, 255)

HEX        #FFFFFF

CMYK     0 0 0 0

Brand fonts

Montserrat 600

Use for headings

Montserrat 700

Use for bolding in headings

Click here to view font

Open Sans

Use for paragraphs

Open Sans 700

Use for bolding in paragraphs

Open Sans Italics

Use for paragraphs

Open Sans 700 Italics

Use for paragraphs

Click here to view font

Logo usage

Logo lockup

Usage: When using the full logo lockup, a designated exclusion zone is required to give proportional spacing to each edge.

This spacing is a minimum guide only, be mindful to use padding around the icon & wordmark in all modes of implementation.

Logo don'ts

Icon detail

The Icon detail must be adhered to in every mode of implementation. These opacity values & gradients are used in all logo orientations, including wordmark variants & grayscale.