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In today's digital age, it is no secret that the attention span & success rate of online courses are falling rapidly.

The traditional methods of teaching and delivering content online are fast becoming ineffective, and resulting in low course completion rates and dissatisfied members.

As an educator, you care about your members' success. You care far more than just "selling them a product", you actually want them to succeed and get results!

But with the market becoming more and more saturated, your job is getting harder and harder.

It’s frustrating, we know. So many of our clients used to have this same problem.

That is, until we found the solution.

Gamified Course Experience.

So, Why a Gamified Experience?

Let's face it - the average completion rate for online courses hovers between 3% - 10%.

That's Where Gamified Course Experience Comes In.

Think of your favorite game. Why is it so addictive? It's the constant sense of achievement, the rewards, and the challenges that keep you coming back.

By gamifying your course, you're tapping into that very psychology.

You're not just delivering content, you're providing an experience.

Students are no longer passive consumers. They become active participants, eagerly completing lessons to unlock rewards, ascend to higher levels, and achieve their learning goals.

The truth is: Gamified Course Experience isn't just a feature, it's a revolution.

A Gamified Experience Is The Secret To Your Courses Success

It’s the difference between the 97% of courses that don’t get completed, and the 3% that do!

Without A Gamified Experience

  • Your courses are not consumed
  • Your members are not happy
  • Your members don't get results
  • Your members don't buy again from you
  • Your members don't leave positive reviews

With A Gamified Experience

  • Your courses are consumed
  • Your members are happy
  • Your members get amazing results
  • Your members buy from you again
  • Your members leave positive reviews

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things That You'll Get Instant Access To When You Create Your FREE MembersPRO Account:

Gamified Classroom & Content Delivery!

Revolutionize the way you create & deliver content online with one of the most trusted solutions for creating gamified experiences and teaching course content.

MembersPRO gives your members an engaged way to learn with a user-friendly interface.

  • Create A Gamified Learning Experience
  • Reward Your Members For ANY Action
  • Automate Ascension To Higher Levels
  • Completely Customizable

Advanced Analytics + Scheduled Release

Unlock crystal clear lesson & member insights and up-to-the-minute data right at your fingertips. Giving you the power to see exactly where each member is, where they're stuck, and what needs to be optimized.

Plus, with scheduled & data-based content releases, you can drip out the right content to the right member at the right time.

Course Feedback

If you want to build a course that gets completed, having an amazing experience will help a lot, but still, the content must be great as well.

We have seen many times that members don't complete the courses simply because the course is overwhelming or not clear at all.

With MembersPRO, your members will be able to provide feedback for your course, and based on that you can make improvements.

Rewards System

Do you know why games are so addictive?

Because, as you play and complete levels, you unlock new rewards.

At MembersPRO we are doing exactly that! Members are able to exchange hard-earned points for rewards.


Humans by nature are competitive, and they try to be the best.

With leaderboards, members can easily see where they're at in the past 7 days, 30 days, or all time compared.

On top of this, you will be able to see who takes the most action and be able to reward them so that they become even more active.

Powerful Integrations

We integrate directly with ClickFunnels, High Level, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft + Keap, Simvoly, Quick Convert, ThriveCart & 1,000's other apps via Zapier.

With step-by-step tutorials and world-class customer service, setup & integrations are simple and easy!

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Simple, Safe, & Secure Member Management

While MembersPRO has all the powerful & sexy features, rest assured, we also take care of the boring stuff, like:

  • User compliance standards
  • 1-Login for everything
  • Cutting-edge data security
  • Easy member management
  • Contact users securely, directly from MembersPRO

MembersPRO Does All Of This...


(by simply swapping out your delivery platform)

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